By the Community, for the Community.


This CryptoCup is a crowd funded invitional tournament for Starcraft remastered.

Both the prizepool and invitations will be coming from the community!

This website will be home to future fundraising efforts!


Crowd Funded:

The prize pool will be crowd funded through cryptocurrency mining. This works by donating some of your computers processing power. Cryptocurrency is  generated and can then be converted to a real money prize for the tournament winners!

How to contribute?

There is a variety of mining software available. A web based miner is easy to start with! If you're a more technical person a GPU miner will offer a better hashrate.

Why Monero?

XMR (Monero) is ideal because it can be easily CPU mined and any computer can do it! Inclusion is a major goal, since this is a crowd funded project.

Tournament Format:

-This will be a 8 player single elimination tournament. 

-First round will be Bo3, semifinals and finals will be Bo5.
-The map pool will be a selected from current ladder maps.